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Video Production

Video is the most powerful marketing tool that you can use, it provides the images associated with your goods and services and combines those images with supporting words and music producing a marketing tool that will impress your clients in a way that would be impossible to accomplish with a printed or verbal presentation. At Pro Video Audio Productions we are a complete end-to-end video production company serving clients all across the country.

The Pro Video approach is a team approach. From the first input meeting through completion of a project, we will work with you as your creative partner. Your video is brought to life by a team of accomplished professionals, completely aligned behind a single vision -- your vision.

The Future of Aerial Drone Video is here!

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Beyond Technology - Teamwork

Pro Video Audio Productions employs state of the art equipment and can fulfill all your event needs. We can coordinate multiple-site events ranging from round table conversations to large corporate awards and sales presentations. Our video production department provides studio quality virtually anywhere. Our mobile video production units are ready to fulfill your demanding needs. From one camera for IMAG to multiple cameras for corporate functions and concerts, we can deliver. The use of high quality, multi-camera production insures your subject material will look its best.

Information is more than the presentation of facts. The best informational videos are innovative, moving, motivational, entertaining, often playful and sometimes seductive. That's why every video that we produce is designed to evoke a visceral, emotional, experiential response.

Whatever the venue - whether it's video for the web, CD, DVD broadcast TV, cable, home video, in-store display, the stage of a corporate sales conference or a full fledged live musical performance, Pro Video Audio Productions is your comprehensive production resource.

Complete Video Production Services
Pre-Production - Analysis and Research - Creative Concept, Art Direction - Storyboard Development - Copy Writing - Planning and Outline Coordination - Project Management - Location Scouting and Research - Casting / Talent - Green Screen Production - Lighting and Sound - Editing - Special Effects and Animation - 3D Graphics and Animation - Encoding / Audio Mixing - DVD/Blueray/4K Authoring and Mastering - Mastering for Broadcast - Media Planning, Distribution - Media Duplication / Fulfillment - Encoding and Compression for Web Streaming - Web / Multimedia Integration

Corporate Marketing Services

Why online video is vital for your content marketing objectives. If you feel online video is just another over hyped, passing fad, think again. In fact, online video is gaining strength as a source for content marketing. With Youtube being one of the worlds most popular video search engines it is pretty plane to see where video marketing ideas are heading. With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies could be missing out on a great marketing opportunity.If you would be Interested in learning more about how you can enhance your online marketing experience with this revolutionary idea, we hope you will contact us.


Broadcast Video Production

Life moments are all about enjoying the little things in life, and capturing those moments so they can be cherished forever. We specialize in making memories last while allowing couples, families and friends to relax and have fun during their special days in life.

Our multi-camera packages come with everything needed for a professional quality presentation. Our productions switchers have built-in graphics capability, and we can also include a graphics/ video workstation to provide rich, multi-layered, animated title and announcement slides which can be tailored for your production. Last minute changes are never a problem.


Newer designs, better cameras, more efficient and lighter rotors and frames, and better controlling devices are constantly making drones both better and a safer platform for commercial use.

Commercial Drone

Digital Editing Suite

With a live mobile video unit, in-house post production suites, we not only have the facilities to produce exceptional work, with our talented staff there to handle every aspect of video production from concept to delivery

digital editing suite

Jib Arms

A jib is useful for getting high shots, or shots which need to move a distance horizontally or vertically, without the expense of putting a camera operator on a crane or laying track for a camera dolly.

jib arm


Line-up of live broadcast cameras. Ideal for shooting at live events or in the studio.

Professional Cameras

LED Walls

For large events,outdoor display is indespensable. Combining attractive visuals with impeccable sound.

LED Walls

Video Lighting

Reflectors, LED light panels, and other types of constant light units and their modifiers (umbrellas, barn doors, diffusers, gels) are all useful lighting gear that you can utilize to light your subjects and entire scenes in your video shoots.

Video Lighting

Screens and Projectors

You need to bring to life the cleanest, sharpest and brightest images possible. Video projectors are available with many screen sizes to choose from.

video screen

TV Displays

Elevate the conventional viewing experience, help your business deliver content that engages, informs and entertains.

TV Displays

Wedding Cinematography

A wedding is a moment when the world is far away and you are lost in each other. It is one of the purest relations where not just two people but two families become one. Time flies but memories always remain etched. We capture each moment professionally and discretely. We take particular care with capturing your audio and video segments, the highest quality is our upmost importance. You will receive a short film masterpiece of your special day, one that generations will witness the grandeur for years to come.

Tourism Marketing

Marketing for a tourism destinations or services is a complex task. This reflects the numerous and varied tourism activities on offer. Experiences can last from a few minutes to many weeks. Tourists also have a number of motivations for �purchasing� an experience. Motivations can include sensual pleasure, escaping from everyday life, meeting like minded people, spiritual enlightenment, improving fitness, and exploring untouched places of the earth.

Concert IMag

The one great truth to shooting a stage performance is that the more work you put into it the greater product you will have., Putting your camera on a tripod and turning it on will give you a record of the event. But, shooting a performance with multiple cameras and a mixture of drone shots and then editing it together will give you a significantly improved final product. It takes a lot more time to do it right but, this is what will make us the right company for you.

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