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Video Productions

Aerial Drone Video & Photography

The future of Aerial Video is here! Instead of renting a helicopter for your next Aerial shoot, try our Phantom 2 Drone Quadcopters with a custom GoPro Hero 4 with H3-3D Zinmuse Gimbal stabilization system. This technology is as fresh as it is popular and we are one of the only video companies in Southern Kentucky that has the entire set-up with the experience that you need for producing a great aerial video presentation.

Phantom 2 Drone Quadcopters

Replacement as platform for full-scale aircraft Sometimes smaller is cheaper and safer. Also low altitude shots are near impossible to get with a full-scale aircraft. A drone “quadcopter” can fly through trees and many forms of low altitude objects; they also operate much quieter than a manned aircraft.


DJI Phantom 2 w/GoPro Hero 4 + Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus



Fly where no one has flown before...Music Video


Helicopter Aerial Videography & Cinematography Making a feature film, commercial, music video or other type of production? If so then you already know the benefits of an aerial perspective for your production. We can fly where full size aircraft cannot! Such as flying through narrow areas like city streets or natural obstructions like trees, cliffs and valleys. We film from remote quadcopters as well as an option for a manned helicopter or airplane with a licensed pilot and skilled camera crew.

Aerial Photography Digital photographs are great for realtors, resorts, commercial & residential property investors, home owners, golf courses, casinos, private investigators, accident investigators, insurance adjusters and more.

Marketing Show your customers a bird's eye view taken from any height where they live, work or play. Real estate sales are increased by providing powerful images of surrounding terrain. Enhance your business presentations and advertising with unique, high-resolution images.

Live Event, security or news live video transmissions We have the ability to downlink a video signal to a ground monitor for a live view of what the camera is seeing. This allows the pilot/camera operator to use the pan/tilt controls to properly compose the shot.

Aerial Survey Watch what's happening on the ground from right above it. Sky Cam images, both video and stills, allow you to track animals, equipment or traffic. With small-scale air vehicles and close-up shots, we can go where conventional cameras can't, in the city or in the country.

Infrastructure inspection. In areas with difficult or no access Smoke stacks, high antennas and more.

Web Site. We also offer video and photography post production and editing for your website, your commercial, marketing video or product demonstration. Videos embedded into your website is todays marketing trend and we are the right people to get you there.

  • Marketing
  • Construction Projects
  • Real Estate
  • Land Development
  • Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Land Appraisal
  • Business Inventory
  • Wildlife Management
  • Resorts and Recreation
  • Golf Course Planning
  • Auto Dealer Inventory
  • Personal Property Documentation
  • Private Investigation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Insurance Damage Assessment
  • Video Surveillance
  • Structure and Barrier Inspection
  • Flood, Earthquake & Tornado Damage Inspection
  • Video Production
  • TV News / Commercials


FAA Compliance Statement
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General Overview
The term drone in the media tends to give people a certain image or idea of what a drone is. Actually drones come in many forms and serve many purposes most of them friendly. The "drones" we operate are friendly drones. Our drones are short-range quadcopters with about a 20 min flight time. The only act besides flying they are capable of is professional aerial photography and video as a hobby. They do not drop anything. Their usage is strictly used in a manner productive to respecting the privacy and rights of others. Similar to what manned aircraft perform when taking photos or videos we see on TV all the time. We do not photograph any persons property or person in a selective way with out authorization of the client. We are taking broad aerial photos of city skylines or real estate, sometimes to show spectacular unique views. Our aerial vehicles are used for good and evolutionary purposes only and in places that are safe. Safety is the single most important aspect of every flight with conduct as is the respect for others. We hope you will enjoy our vision of micro flight by viewing the videos in our gallery. Our drone “quadcopters" operate below 400 feet and always within unaided visual line of sight. Our drones never near any airport or full sized aircraft. For the higher views we use a helicopter or Cessna plane with a licensed pilot and photographer. Sometimes drones are used for hobby purposes and on private property. When authorized by FAA and local authorities commercial flights with drones may be permitted on a case by case basis in the United States. Outside the USA where permitted we can operate drones for commercial purposes.


Aerial Photography & Video Via
Traditional Manned Helicopter & Airplane
Yes we do that too!

A full sized manned aircraft, helicopter or Cessna airplane flown by a Licensed FAA Commercial Pilot is also available.

** The remote controlled helicopter that we use sometimes to film is a low altitude, close range, open space hobby flyer and flown only in an approved area and does not operate near any airports or violate any FAA regulations. The remote controlled helicopter is NOT a Drone or UAV or autonomous in anyway and is flown by hand only within visual line of sight of the operator always in a safe location and never near any airport or aircraft. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this. Thank you.

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Complete Video Production Services


  1. Analysis & Research
  2. Creative Concept, Art Direction
  3. Storyboard Development
  4. Copy Writing
  5. Planning, Outline, Coordination
  6. Project Management
  7. Location Scouting & Research
  8. Casting / Talent


  1. HD Location / Studio Shoot
  2. HD Green Screen Production
  3. Lighting & Sound
  4. Production Management


  1. HD Non-linear Editing
  2. HD Special Effects and Animation
  3. 3D Graphics and Animation
  4. Encoding / Audio Mixing


  1. DVD Authoring & Mastering
  2. Mastering for Broadcast
  3. Media Planning, Distribution
  4. Packaging
  5. Media Duplication / Fulfillment
  6. Encoding & Compression for Web Streaming
  7. Web / Multimedia Integration

Contact us for more information about our Live Video / in-house video production service capabilities.  We invite you to learn more about how we can turn your next video project into a thrilling success. Call us anytime for a free consultation.


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