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Video Productions

Concert Video Production

Turn the worst ticket at your next event into a front row seat. With our assistance and various screens, projectors, and LED display systems you can impress your audience by presenting those close up images as if they had purchased to best seat in the house.

video backstage

Close up images are just the beginning. You can increase sponsorship dollars by making custom logo images, graphics and special presentations available to your valuable money contributors. Along with these various sized video displays, state of the art custom animations, static background effects and impressive production camera angles will leave an ever lasting impression in the minds of the audience that witnesses such a stylish event.

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Concert Video Production:
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Live Broadcast
Digital Video Footage
Sponsorship Advertising
Video / Graphic Concert Effects

Straight to DVD copy
Sponsor Ads Creation
Background Animations
LED Screens
Projection Screens
Remote Video Truck
Camera Platforms
Clear Com Services

led screens
LED Displays/
Video Projection
Have large screen video and graphics anywhere you want! Displays are compact, portable and can be configured to virtually
any shape or size.

roof systems
Video Services
Receive studio quality virtually anywhere. Our Mobile video production unit and our portable video rack systems can fulfill any need.

concert video
Concert Video Production
Multi- Camera live action video straight to projection or LED screen.High quality, multi-camera packages that insure your subject material looks and sounds its best.

roof systems
Broadcast Video Production
We produce and provide support for video from corporate productions to large-scale live event coverage, television, documentaries commercials,, music videos to viral video.

roof systems
Digital Video Editing Services
Pro Video Audio Productions offers state of the art video editing and video post production to provide our clients with a wide range of award-winning production team of video editors, sound editors, graphic artists, and animators)
roof systems
Stream to Web
With webcasting services such as streaming video for websites and webinars, take your event straight to the web expanding your audience base and providing access of your production to fresh target markets.

Infomercials - TV Commercials - Seminars - Trade Shows Videos - Power Point Presentaions - Corporate Marketing - Safety Training- Tourism Marketing- Orientation Video - Power Point - Recruitment Presentations- Community Services- Industrial Training- Development - CD-Rom's - Product DemonstrationWeddings - Sports Events - Musical Groups - Religious Events - Political - Animation Graphics - Transfers - VHS Duplication

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Complete Video Production Services


  1. Analysis & Research
  2. Creative Concept, Art Direction
  3. Storyboard Development
  4. Copy Writing
  5. Planning, Outline, Coordination
  6. Project Management
  7. Location Scouting & Research
  8. Casting / Talent


  1. HD Location / Studio Shoot
  2. HD Green Screen Production
  3. Lighting & Sound
  4. Production Management


  1. HD Non-linear Editing
  2. HD Special Effects and Animation
  3. 3D Graphics and Animation
  4. Encoding / Audio Mixing


  1. DVD Authoring & Mastering
  2. Mastering for Broadcast
  3. Media Planning, Distribution
  4. Packaging
  5. Media Duplication / Fulfillment
  6. Encoding & Compression for Web Streaming
  7. Web / Multimedia Integration

Contact us for more information about our Live Video / in-house video production service capabilities.  We invite you to learn more about how we can turn your next video project into a thrilling success. Call us anytime for a free consultation.


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